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Why on Earth do I have a huge photograph of my wife and I face to face as the background for this page? Because it's the single most testament in my life as to the MAGNITUDE of good that can be accomplished when a relationship is built on an unshakeable foundation, is consistently tended to, and where the backbone of it's committed integrity is simply give - give. The very same applies to business, work place culture, and leadership. All success, when you are working with, and for people, is contingent upon how well these things are individully internalized, applied, executed, and built upon. "Stop Thinking You Can't, and Start Knowing You Can."
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Clarity of Thought
The Direction

Where Are You Headed?

The Plan

What Do You Want to Have Happen?

The Necessary Action

How Badly Do You Desire Change?

Ownership of Actions

Do You Walk The Talk?

The Tools

What Methods Need to Change Asap?

Living by Example

Are You Managing or Leading?

Predictable Results
A thriving or declining work culture
A team of the willing or one of the fearful
Engaged or disengaged employees
Increasing revenue or dwindling profits


Motivating Factors


Mission Buy In


Work Ethic


Self Image


A Connection

Create an environment of engaged employees


Cultivate an open, honest, and understanding dialogue with all


Grow an organically thriving work culture

Higher Productivity

Willingly have employees develop a better work ethic

Self Image

Your business is represented by the winner or victim mentality of those employed

Establish Excellence

Develop and become the new standard


What If Nothing Was Impossible?

Imagine for a second, when you were little, and if when you told someone you were going to be this when you grow up, or going to have that, or going to accomplish this huge thing...imagine if your friends and family hadn't told you "you're stupid", or, "that'll never happen - it's impossible!"

Imagine if you didn't know that you couldn't accomplish something. What if you looked at everything you... are after, as not only possible, but as if it's happening without question.

The limbless have completed Tough Mudder Races, the homeless have become multimillionaires, the awkward highschool kids have become some of the biggest contributors to humankind...and don't forget, at one point, people actually bought pet rocks.

Anything is possible.

If you have been told you can't accomplish something, I'm encouraging you to know otherwise. Don't let other peoples' doubts about themselves reflect what YOU are able to bring to reality for yourself.

Happy Monday!

Greatness & Contribution

What if we lived on purpose? Like, what if we actually woke up, with the intent on being great? On top of that, what if we also contributed SOMETHING that made someone else's day great?

Greatness is a state of mind. If you feel great, through living on purpose, your mindset becomes one of total abundance, not lack. In effect, because you know and FEEL that you are great, you are naturally compelled to help others feel the same. You can't give to others what you don't have - it's always an internal game.

Contribution isn't just a monetary thing - it's saying hello, giving your time, doing something unconditionally for someone else, teaching, creating something that helps others feel good, etc.

I would LOVE to hear of any awesome greatness you've recently accomplished, or any recent experiences that show unconditional giving.

Have a phenomenal Monday! 👊

How Committed Are You?

Commitment. The word a lot of boys and girls fear.  I say boys and girls, because obviously a certain level of immaturity exists if you cannot commit to the following things: your word, your work ethic, your relationship, your goals, and your well being. I've been there, and many men and women I know were there once as well.

It's a continuous process understanding true commitment, because you aren't ever really done doing it.  Every new day, is another day we have to stay on course with the things I mentioned above. Though it may sound exhausting, it isn't a burden if the things you are committed to are things you really want.

I've said it before, and I will most likely always say it: we get what we tolerate. We always have what we're okay with, at the most rooted subconscious level. We are committed to our significant other, but their behavior is volatile and psychologically unhealthy for us. So why do we stay?

We tell ourselves things like "he will change", or, "she's had a rough life, it's not her fault", and "I'd rather be with him instead of being alone." But is any of that honestly reason to tolerate what doesn't provide you a fruitful and healthy relationship? Throw in the all too common go to phrase "I only attract crazies", and what you really start to see is the real pill that no one wants to swallow: we tolerate these things.

WE are more okay with going through the nonsense over and over instead of being alone.  We are more okay with having a hot, wild, and good looking bad boy/girl with a monstrous and manipulative heart than waiting for a person that actually brings healthy value to our lives. We are more okay with the way something tastes and indulging in it, than controling how we eat to have our insides as healthy as possible. We are more okay with sticking our kids in front of the tv/tablets/phones alone, than actually spending real connecting time with them, and then wonder why they don't talk to us.

Even when it comes to money, we are more okay with living check to check than putting in the serious effort in figuring out how not to live like that anymore.

I'm not a mullti-millionaire yet, I don't have 8 pack abs yet, my kids aren't fully grown yet for me to see the results of how we've raised them, and though Liz and I have just hit our 10 year anniversary - which is an awesome milestone - even I know it's  small on the grand scale when you consider this is my partner for life and we still have decades to go. But, I'm committed to accomplishing these things.

Of course some are easier than others, and of course I slack more in others, but that comes down to my commitment level.  The stronger your commitment, the more ideas come to you on how to keep moving forward in that commitment.

There's a reason why and how I easily come up with ideas to surprise my wife and kids more than I control my portion intake at meals or workout enough. My commitment is super high on the family end, and I'm more okay with carrying the love handles. If I want to lose the little love handles, I need to raise my commitment level.

But, here is the part that I think so many people miss: It's true, Everything has a price, but the price you pay to have everything is commitment. What that means is, if I raise my commitment to lose my love handles, that doesn't mean I sacrifice ANY of my commitment to my family. I can be committed to both equally. I'd have to get creative with how I don't sacrifice my family time in order to get in workout time. Maybe we all start working out together. Maybe we spend more time playing outdoor activities at the park. Maybe I use my 6 year old as a weight (I've done it before and it totally works - plus she gets a kick out of it). The ideas are literally endless.

If we're committed to our goals, to replacing the bad things we tolerate with the good ones we want, we will eventually have them. Your commitment level dictates the ideas you start to have, which then dictates the  amount of action you take, which then dictates the results in your life. That's it. That's the magic sauce.

If we feel like we are failing in any part of our life, it's only because we haven't raised our commitment high enough to changing something about ourselves and/or habits. If you are 100% happy with your life, then this definitely wasn't for you, so share it with a friend you think could benefit.

But, if you are not 100% happy, start thinking about what you've been tolerating for too long, and commit to changing it. Not only will you be overjoyed with the results you get, but the amount of confidence that comes along with the progress you steadily make is MASSIVE and worth it!

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