Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ignorance Is Bliss

I am a huge believer in the amazing power of knowledge, and that we should constantly be learning something every day. With that being said, you will rarely hear me say the words that title this post - unless it is in the context that I am using it in the paragraphs that follow.

When we were children, our parents would often yell at us to "get away from that edge", or "careful, you are going to hurt yourself". Be thankful for that, for as you can see, they might have saved your life - probably more than once! But, what I want us to consider from our early years here on this amazing world, is the sense of adventure we had. The curiosity that propelled us to ask, “why this” and “why that”. The simple bliss of not knowing any better, which in turn made us oblivious to the possibility of getting hurt, or encountering danger, until the sirens of our parents were heard.

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We may not personally remember the amazement we felt the first time we saw a shooting star, or a broken seashell on the beach. Or, the high sense of accomplishment we felt when we gave our mom the coloring book page of a messy green colored fire engine truck. With smudged purple wheels. But, even if you personally don't recall that, you need only look at anyone's toddler and see how they marvel at this huge world around them. They aren't taking it all in as, "holy crap, this world is too big, dangerous, and scary". They are gazing at it with huge eyes, as a place of countless amazing things.

That fearless curiosity, always leads to new discovery. That's why everything brand new to a three year old is responded with a sincere, "WOW". That fearless curiosity displayed by children, also goes hand in hand with the silly notion floating in their little heads that they  Are you starting to see why children have this unbiased belief in themselves - until they are conditioned otherwise? Why they, despite being physically smaller than everyone around them, feel capable of doing anything? ("I can do it, Mommy!")

As we get older, the vast majority of us lose these child-like qualities - our sense of adventure, curiosity, and belief in our abilities. We can blame our upbringing, our environment, the world "beating us down", or whatever other excuse we feel is valid - but that doesn't make these qualities come back. Why do these qualities from my first years matter now in my grown up life? They matter a great deal, especially if you are currently unhappy with any aspect of your life.

As we age through the years, we are shaped by our experiences, thoughts, and decisions. What tends to happen over time is that we create a self imposed box, known as our comfort zone. Comfort zone = safe. Right? In a general sense, sure, the statement sounds like a good idea. But, that doesn't necessarily equal happiness. Being content with what is, is not the same as being excited and overjoyed with how your life currently is. Being content with anything other than what you really believe will make you happy, closes the door to possibilities. Your mind, your heart, your life in its purest sense, cannot grow into its fullest potential without pursuing your adventurous curiosity. When water is stagnant, it has no power, no energy to produce anything amazing. The same occurs with us.

Settling for being content is the equivalent to a very long, and slow death. This is NOT stating that we should be ungrateful for what we currently have, or for even being alive. Gratitude and love are on the same plane of necessary emotion. But rather, that life is meant to be lived, and fulfilling. We are supposed to be constantly growing. Not even in one lifetime, would we ever be able to discover the amazing things this planet has to offer, or what we as individuals are fully capable of. Why not break out of your comfort zone? Why not test the waters in a new job, or entirely different field? Why not push the papers on your desk aside for an hour, and randomly meet someone new walking down the street?

This is not an invitation to throw your priorities and responsibilities to the wind, and live a selfish life, but rather a proposition to discover a way to reinvigorate your life. You will be amazed at what possibilities exist out there, if you only channel that fearless child who can't help knowing how awesome they truly are.

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