Thursday, June 26, 2014

Listen to Yourself - You Want to be Happy!

Maybe you were sitting at work, typing away on some important document. Perhaps you were watching the tv with your significant other. Or, you might have possibly even just been sitting at a table in some little fast food place, with a French fry in mid-air, when it suddenly hit you like a fallen piano - You Are Not Happy.

It's this very sudden inner jolt, like if someone just opened the curtains to something that was actually in your face the whole time. It's a self realization. You've woken up to the obvious.

If this has ever occurred to you, then you understand how both weird yet refreshing that feeling is. Weird because it sometimes truly just comes out of nowhere, and refreshing because you are actually suddenly resolved to stop the cause of your unhappiness.

Too often, we are aware of what is keeping us down, but are afraid to change it, or change the
circumstances involved with it. This is so common, that it seems like the norm. People feel like they can't do better, or feel overwhelmed by what they believe all that changing the circumstances will entail.

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But, when it smacks you in the face as in the way we are speaking of here, THAT is life basically telling you, "Look, you are such an intelligent, rational, and awesome creature - so, this has to stop! You've been putting changing your situation off for how long now? ‘Someday’ just arrived - take action now!"

When this happens, we HAVE to listen, because the positive momentum that follows is exhilarating!

"But, if I do this, then what will happen with this or that?" STOP. That is YOU doing what you've been doing: trying to convince yourself that you can't make the necessary changes to be happy without knowing the entire map of effects this decision will cause. I might be paraphrasing, but Martin Luther King Jr stated an awesome perspective, "You don't need to see the top of the staircase to take the first step."

You won't know where the path leads, or how long or short it is, but if you are currently unhappy with something right now, you know that what you are doing then is NOT working. Make that change, listen to your awakened self. End the circumstance that is keeping you unhappy by taking your final step with it, and start on your new course towards happiness by taking the first.


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