Sunday, June 29, 2014

Why Talking to People We Don't Know Might Matter


Have you ever wanted to go up to someone randomly, and just say hello? Whether it was because you were attracted to them, or because you felt they'd be interesting to know, or maybe you just felt like meeting someone new for the fun of it - but you didn't end up moving towards them.  Why?  Some of us will say it's because of shyness, indifference to the situation, or because of  complete nerve wrecking fear. 

Does it actually matter to get over this fear, or to at least work on it for the purpose of being able to talk to people we don't know?  Of course it helps when we are introduced to someone by another friend, or acquaintance, but that is relying on someone else to make that happen.  One of the biggest goals of What Is Never is to help as many individuals as possible to see that they have everything within them to make things happen. 

Part of this, involves being self sufficient to the best of one's ability.  Do you know how many opportunities can pass right by us through not interacting with people we don't know? It is true that our outlook on life via our constant thoughts will bring to us all that we need and desire, but we also have to work at it.  Even if an opportunity lands in your lap, you still have to take action - otherwise it is just a  wasted possibility. 

The new job you are looking for might rest with the person in the next booth over at lunch that for whatever reason you noticed.  The person that you have been attracted to for some time all of the sudden is in the elevator with you.  It might be random, it might be whatever, but it is the opportunity you were hoping for, right? So now what? Stay quiet and let this pass by, or take action of some sort?

If this is a huge fear for you, then of course it is easier said than done - but it's not impossible in the least.  Anyone can start working on this little by little.  Sometimes just smiling or waving in someone's direction is an easy start.  There are some very short, and easy to understand basic steps that you can get here if you like.

During this process, do your best to remember the following:

1.  You have absolutely nothing to lose by going up to someone you'd like to meet.

2.  Doing this will actually help build your confidence.

3.  The things we want most in life find their way into our lives through how we think - but also through the action we take.

4.  Always approach these types of situations with the same stressless ease you do as when you meet up with someone you already know.

5.  It all starts with how you think, so DON'T over think it :)

If you are completely new to even entertaining the idea of doing this, then congrats to you for putting in the effort to overcome this fear many people have.  Now, get ready for the many opportunities you will begin to uncover.

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