Friday, July 25, 2014

Wait, Your Week Isn't Over Yet


Finally!  Friday has arrived.  The week has had its ups and downs at work, but just 8 more hours and it's relaxation time!  Maybe some lounging in front of the tv? Perhaps a drink or 2 with the neighbors? Or, maybe you are looking totally forward to some snuggle time with the kids, or spouse. 

None of these ideas are bad, depending on what truly relaxes you.  But, the bigger question we should really be asking ourselves is, "Now that work is over, what needs to be done on my side project this weekend?" You know, the side project (aka your passion) that you are trying to get off the ground so you can leave your current place of employment.

If you are already living out your dream, or if you have already put in a hefty  amount of diligent hours throughout the week on your passion, then by all means, YES - GO RELAX! This is a major necessity for inner peace, growth, and rejuvenation.  But, if that is not your current situation, then please don't throw a hard object my way when I tell you that your week is in fact not over yet.

What tends to happen, especially if you work a typical 9-5, M - F type of job, is that by the time the weekend rolls around we are just zapped dry of our energy.  Either that, or there are people here and there that want to hangout, or maybe you just feel like being lazy.  Even more so if you are working more than one job.  Throw a kid or two on top of that, and now you feel like one of those waiters with a huge tray of food zipping down the aisle.  

So, are you entitled to take it easy? Absolutely.  But, regardless of your situation, it will never change if you don't do anything to change it.  It's easy to agree with that as you read it.  But, the minute you leave your job, it's not the first thing that pops in your head. It should be though! Especially if you are passionate about what you'd rather be doing.

Not just those raising a family, but anyone in a number of circumstances understand how it can get a bit hard to find enough time to fit everything in.  But, I cannot stress enough: If you don't do something different, things will never change.

You want that change, or know someone who does, which is why you are reading this.  And before we let our inner voice convince us with the "I honestly don't have time" excuse, let me assure you, there is always time.  Even if you work the weekends, every bit of free time you have should be used to continuously propel your dream along.  You might have a 15 minute commute on the bus or train, or during lunch, or whatever time period you are using to have gotten online, check your social media accounts, and read the post you are reading now ;)

The point is, especially if you have the weekends off, your grind mode should be switched into high gear.  The more effort, sweat, hours, and determination you put into making your life become what you most desire, the faster it will get here!

Let's say that the only free time you can honestly muster up this weekend is 6 hrs.  This time frame, though, is reserved for heading to the zoo with the kids.  Unless you force yourself to get up earlier than usual, even though it's the weekend, you might have to sacrifice an hour or two on that outing.

I would never suggest putting ANYTHING before your kids, but if it's a better life you are trying to provide, or the ability to spend way more time with them at will, then sacrifices NOW need to be taken.  Is it better to sacrifice a bit of time now, and a year from now have even more free time to do as you please? Or would you rather be 5 years from now STILL continuing to have this feeling of never having enough time, still feeling overwhelmed, and possibly showing the signs of stress to your kids?

As overused as the phrase is, it is very true nonetheless:  Everything has a price.  That price in this case might be an hour or two away from family, away from hanging out, or away from snoring ABOUT your dream.  But, it will be beyond worth it.  As long as you are constantly visualizing your ideal life, the life you want you and those around you to experience, it won't even feel like extra work at all.  If it's a sincere passion driving you, then you already know it's worth it.  You might have just needed a little reminder :)

Enjoy your weekend!

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