Thursday, August 14, 2014


We've all had trying times at one point or another - some more severe than others.  Even if you are currently going through something right now, there was probably some other time in your past where things were also a little upsetting, or confusing. 

What's important to note though, is that despite whatever you went through in the past, you are still here.  Everyone hates hearing, "It'll take some time," or "Give it time." The reason this annoys many is because at that particular moment, we want our situation fixed.  Throw on top of that whatever negative thoughts are floating around in your head at the time, and you've got yourself a rather frustrating perspective.

The solution? Of course, you already know:  Patience.  "I have BEEN patient, and nothing's changing!" The ironic thing is, that statement in itself is actually letting us know we aren't actually being patient enough.

The amount of time it takes to heal, or for certain things to sort themselves out, obviously varies greatly from person to person, and circumstance to circumstance.  So many varying factors can either shorten, or lengthen, the wait time.  Until you've learned how to actually determine and reconfigurate these factors, your best tool is patience.

Patience With the Circumstance
Whether you subscribe to the belief that we attract things into our life that align with our attitudes and beliefs or not, your current situation is what you're dealing with.  Because this circumstance is presently trying to strap you down, it's important to remember that this trial, annoyance, or frustration, will in fact eventually pass. 
Similar to things you've had to overcome in the past.  Reflect on some past situations that you were able to survive, despite not thinking you would at the time.

Patience With Yourself
Whatever has occurred, or is occurring, does not in fact dictate your current emotion.  You control how you feel and respond to any given situation.  If that is a new concept to you, or if you whole heartedly disagree with it, that is fine.  But, until you learn further about it, it's still highly imperative that you are patient with yourself.
What I specifically mean by this, is that you do your absolute best not to berate yourself.  Don't bring the hammer upon yourself for any reason.  It can be very easy for us to swim in a whirlpool of guilt, blame, and despair, but these are self imposed shackles.

It is hard to not belittle yourself even more so, if this is something you grew up with.  Sometimes the very people we trusted as kids might have made us always feel like crap, and in effect have passed on that habit. 
Whatever the case is, you already know that whether habit or not, berating yourself does absolutely zero for getting you out of your pain or situation.  It just holds you down tighter, and for longer. 

If no one has told you already, I'm telling you now:  You are amazing enough to get through whatever you're going through, and you will be ok.  If you are here right now, and have made it through other things before, whether small or large, then you will realize soon enough that you can do it again. 
Just be patient, and the solution will realize itself to you in due time.  It has to, if not for anything else, for the simple fact that YOU ARE AMAZING.

Top Photo credit: Emma Schroeder /Flickr

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