Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tending to What We've Planted

We discovered that we needed to make some changes.  We came across the notion that perhaps our habits were not the best, and kept leading us towards unfavorable circumstances.  So what did we do? Uprooted that badness, and planted a new seed.  That might have been hard, but we did it! Smooth sailing from there on out...right?
If you've been able to make positive changes in your life, then you understand that in many ways it has not been smooth sailing.  To say old habits die hard, is an understatement for many.  But, it is doable.  Especially,  when instead of trying to just get rid of the bad habit, we replace it with a great one.
But, are we tending to the newly planted seed we've set to grow? We've established new roots - changed our self talk for the better, updated our inner thoughts to see the good in things, have become goal oriented.  But, these "roots" are exactly that - the invisible underground workings and foundations for the better us we are becoming.  What we have to remember though, is that along with maintaining our healthy roots, we have to also tend to the fruit that is showing.
Just like a tree, or plant, we have to trim and manicure it from time to time.  If we notice that it is starting to lean, we remedy that by finding a way to straighten it.  If we notice weeds starting to grow around it, we remove them at once. 
It isn't just about deciding to make changes, and then making them.  It goes much further.  It is constantly being vigilant of things that are not beneficial to our growth.  Now that we are making great changes, are we careful not to let "weeds" pop up around us?  Because it is constant work, have we slowly started to slack, and started to "lean" at all?
The healthier we grow, the greater our fruit.  We know the majority of the work begins on the inside, and that as long as that is in check, things WILL fall into a  positive place. But, we need to also make sure we tend to what we can on the outside. 
The best sure fire way of accomplishing this, is to recognize right away (and without hesitation) what is not going to benefit your growth.  It's so easy to revert back to old ways if we allow it.  But, just remember that with every successful effort you ward off detrimental things, the easier it becomes to do so.
This is why it is so important to associate with like minded individuals; people who are also on a personal journey of constant growth.  These people don't have to have the same previous bad habits you did in order to help you.  It's about support. 
Whether it's speaking one on one with another person, becoming friends online with likeminded individuals, or viewing/reading material on a daily basis that inspires you to keep becoming the best you, know that it's all available to you.  You've already planted the seed, remember? Your new job is to make sure you continuously grow into the awesomeness you set out to be!

Top Photo credit: geograph.org.uk 

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