Thursday, October 30, 2014

Why Do I Stink at Love?

Your last partner was possessive.  The ex before that was too sensitive.  The person before that never had time for you.  After several runs of this nature, it's easy to start believing that love just isn't for you.  That you're just somehow unlucky when it comes to this "thing" other people around you seem to have.  It can be daunting, and emotionally draining.

But, because we can't change people, and as weird as it might seem at first, it's more beneficial to look within before we start cursing our lot in the realm of love.

Sure, it very well might have been a string of bad seeds that faced you at every turn, but ultimately it is up to us to decide who we allow into our lives.  As obvious as that sounds, it is often the choice we make at first meeting a potential boyfriend or girlfriend, that really is rarely thought of.  Why? Because most of the time, we hate to be alone.
And it makes perfect sense - the majority of us are naturally inclined to want companionship to some degree.  But, as it is often said, you can't make someone else happy until you can learn how to be happy on your own.

If we are letting people who are no good into our lives, people who are out for self, it is actually a reflection of how we look at ourselves.  No one likes to be told something is there fault, especially if you feel there is no control over what happens.  The key here, though, is learning from what didn't work out for us, and having the courage to choose differently next time.

The article about decisions makes a clear note that our life results from one decision to the next.  It's easier, maybe even more "cozy" feeling for some, to just say, "Life just doesn't want me to be happy in love!" But, I promise you, this couldn't be further from the truth.  If love is something you truly desire, then it will find you - often times when you least expect it.

More times than none, we struggle so hard for something, and it just seems to keep getting further and further from our reach.  Well, if that hasn't worked for you, try the exact opposite. 
It's like losing something in your house, and after looking and looking with no success, you let it go and carry on with other things.  A few hours or days later, bam! You notice the item in some random location of your home.

Maybe, it would serve you well to truly focus on other things, like enriching yourself personally in any aspect you choose,  and letting go of "the search".  It will come to you if you truly want it, so why not be ready for it by learning how to be the best YOU you can be in the meantime?

Lover of Family, Life, and Possibility. Creative Soul. "Stop Thinking You Can't, and Start Knowing You Can." Reach out to me, and let me know how I can help!


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