Monday, December 29, 2014

Make This New Year Different!

It’s the last week of 2014, and the New Year starts this Thursday!  Most of us are making plans for New Years' eve, or waiting desperately for this year to be over.  Some of us are anxious to get started on our new goals, be it to get in shape, make more money, improve our relationship, learn a new skill, travel more, have more “me” time, etc.  But, why wait?  Get started now, start putting in to motion what you want your new achievements to be.

Now, some people might be disillusioned when it comes to New Years resolutions, or any goal setting for that matter.  Usually, this stems from our trying to stick with a routine, or the staying the course of our “plan”, but not succeeding.  We fall under the, “Why try?” mentality.  The fact is, though, by not accomplishing what you had set out to do before, you are more aware now of why you didn’t. 

Think about this for a second.  You set out last year to gain muscle, let’s say.  You found the YouTube videos that would help you, mapped the days of the week that you would work out, and maybe even went as far as designing your meal plans.  So what happened?  When I have asked this question in the past, I usually get the same answers:  “I did good the first few weeks, but then I ended up not having time,” “Life got in the way”, “I just didn’t feel like doing it anymore”, “I’m just not the working out type,” and a number of other reasons.

If you take a real good hard look, though, you will see that there is ALWAYS time for what you consider a priority.  There is always time for what you actually WANT to do.  The problem lies more in that we are mentally conditioned to go the easy route.  The route less painful, more traveled, and less demanding.  But, the simple fact that these desires, or goals, even pop up in our head to begin with, is your “self” trying to nudge you to fulfill your greater potential.

When we do an honest self-analysis of our daily habits which either advance us or hold us back, we start to see that 30 minutes a day spent on social media watching cats, could very well have been 30 minutes towards whatever our resolution was.  The one hour of watching a drama filled reality series before bed, could have been spent reading something relevant to our resolution.

Growing up, the majority of us remember our parents telling us to do this or not do that, while we watched them do the opposite.  Your grandfather telling you not to smoke, because it’s bad for you, while he sat in his chair puffing his pipe.  What you remember is the sheer irony of the statement, but the picture you have in your mind is the smoke swirling in the air.  People learn more by watching, and actions, as opposed to just being told.

This is why role models, and mentors, are so important in peoples’ lives.  But what do you do if you can’t find a real life mentor that can help you become what you want?  You find your mentors in books, online videos, and the like, and emulate what they do.  But the problem that comes into play is where an individual is just simply not putting in the work; just simply not self-motivated.  This is why people have trainers, tutors, or coaches. 

Having someone that is able to invest time in helping you accomplish what you are trying to do, actually has a huge impact on achieving one’s goals.  Why?  Because, when we are held accountable to someone else, we tend to push ourselves harder.  You can get to the heights you want on your own, but if you haven’t done it yet, chances are you will not.  Not until you become the person that can actually run on auto-pilot, can actually self-start their actions towards their goals, and STAY the course even when things get dull, will you be able to get there.  Your reading this post is a step in that direction, so keep investing in yourself.

Whether you find someone through a friend, online, or even reaching out to us here at What Is Never, you are strongly urged to seek out the assistance you need in order to finally fulfill your resolutions.  You aren’t a failure if you haven’t reached your goals yet, but you will never get there until you do something new, be open minded, and take new action.  Not doing so, could be costing you a more fulfilled and happier life.  Not doing so, could be costing you thousands of dollars in additional income.  Not doing so, could be costing you the opportunity to be an example to those you love.  Not doing so, could be costing you the empowering feeling you get when you have tackled a scary difficult goal, and then achieved it!

Lover of Family, Life, and Possibility. Creative Soul. "Stop Thinking You Can't, and Start Knowing You Can." Reach out to me, and let me know how I can help!


  1. Just the motivation needed to jump start things! Thanks!

  2. Every year its the same with me! Time to do it differently :) !


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