Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Blahs Vs. Your Goal

Every once in awhile, you start to experience a bit of stagnation on your road to greatness.  And it's completely annoying, because you know you want what you're going after, more than anything, but for whatever reason, you've hit a point of boredom, frustration, or monotony.
Here are 5 things to help regain your motivation and push through that moment of blahness.
1.  Remember WHY You Are on This Road
You started your personal journey for a reason.  Maybe it was because you got tired of being tired.  Maybe you were actually searching out ways to make more money, or to better your relationships.  Maybe you wanted to take back control of your personal life.  Whatever the reason was, remember it clearly, and remember how it felt (or even how it still possibly feels) to be where you no longer want to be.  Allow a bit of that to push you towards your new road, and allow more of the thoughts of your new life pull you towards your goal. 
Sometimes that is all it takes to snap you back into focus!
2.  Close Your Eyes and Recall What You've Been Dreaming About
You had a vision, or a day dream, or just a seriously heavy thought, of what your future will look like once you attain what you are going after.  Allow your mind to drift off into that thought or dream, but do it with purpose.  Really focus on what that new goal's attainment will make you feel like.  Look around in your imagination and really see and feel the positive difference this is going to make for you.  You aren't a fortune teller, but you are creating your future, and it all starts with what we are focused on.
3.  Straighten Up
Sometimes we feel "the blahs" because of our physiology.  You would be amazed by how much your mood can change if you force yourself to sit up right in your chair, as opposed to slouching.  Even standing up with a great stretch, and then walking for a few minutes while maintaining great posture greatly alter how you feel, shift your focus in an instant, and get you back on track.
Your mind, feelings, and body are more connected than we like to think. 
4.  Get Fresh and Clean(er)
If you have woken up with no spark, and no drive, sometimes a cold drink of water along with a quick shower will help revitalize your entire being.  Even if you didn't sleep well the night before, you will be amazed at the difference this can make. 
Did you just get home from work, and simply don't feel like working on your side project which will get you your goal?  If your body is telling you to rest, then do that.  But, if you know that you are actually giving in to a bit of laziness - take another shower.  Drink another glass of cold water. 
As silly, or as pointless as these may seem to you right now, you need to remember that no one is holding your hand to get you to where you want to go.  It is ultimately up to you.  So try everything you can to keep your momentum going.
5.  Remember Past Success
There have been many accomplishments in your life.  Whether big or small, we all have had them.   Even if you have been told what you considered an accomplishment was not one, it is if you it made you feel accomplished.  Think back to how it made you feel, especially if it was something which surprised your socks off.  Maybe you weren't the best student in school, and when you least expected it you aced an exam.  Think about how that empowered you.  It showed that you could do great.
Maybe you don't like what is going on with your job right now, but try and remember when you first got the job.  Maybe you had to go against other people to get it.  Maybe you didn't feel qualified.  But you got it.  Maybe it's not thinking that who eventually became your significant other would even like you back initially.  Whatever it is, think of how that success made you feel.  Use that feeling to convince you that you are capable of so much, but you have to try.  You have to put in the work.
There are a multitude of things out there that we can use to get us back in gear, to help us stay motivated, and to keep our heat seeking missiles guided.  Hopefully, at least one of these 5 suggestions can help you.  Know anyone who could use a little kick to stay on track?  Send them the article.  Everyone should be striving for something, and everyone should be helping others get there. :)
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