Thursday, January 1, 2015

The First Step
Every great journey begins with the first step, and every vast wall begins with the first brick.  You have an idea in your head of where you want to be, where you'd like to be right now, but it seems so drastically different from your current reality.  It can feel overwhelming.  Actually, it can feel straight up scary and exhausting.

We all like familiarity, because we feel it gives a sense of safety.  We fear the unknown, so it makes sense.  But, this "being comfortable" with where we are, is often what makes us not take the first step in what we feel could be a huge undertaking.  Our dream seems so far away. 

Is it worth it? What if I fail, and it was for nothing? How do I even start? If questions like these run through your head, then you've already started the process of moving forward, but you have to be careful not to defeat yourself before even physically starting. 
Re-wording those questions into the following can help: 

"I'm worth it to live my dream." 

"Not trying, leads to regret. Failing leads to learning. Persistence leads to achievement."

"I'm going to start now."

Perspective is an amazing thing.  Seeing all the obstacles you think will be in your way will keep you fearful of trying.  Seeing all the positive benefits you know will be waiting for you will keep you motivated. 

The 3 following things may look overly obvious and simple, but putting them into practice can aid you tremendously towards your dream. 

1.  Write Your Goal Down

You've seen this a million times, but may have dismissed it.  Literally, write your goal, dream, or vision down on a piece of paper.  The minute you transfer it from your mind and thoughts to paper, it instantaneously becomes more real.

Carry this piece of paper with you every day, or at least put it up somewhere you will see it at least three times a day.  Seeing it over and over will eventually embed it into your subconscious, that before you know it, you will start noticing opportunities leading towards your goal, and will start taking action.

2.  Take Immediate Action On Ideas and Opportunities

When a thought of something that will move you forward in what your big goal is pops into your head, write it down, note it down somewhere, and take action.  Right away.  Our dream could be closer than we think it is, but it's dismissing ideas or opportunities as "that's stupid" that often prolong its attainment. 
Be open minded, as sometimes situations present themselves which can aid us in our journey - in some very unlikely ways!

3.  Be Persistent. Be Patient.

Take the first step, and it might go great.  Take the second, and third, and it might get even better.  You may even attain your goal with unprecedented speed and ease! If that happens, congrats! But, as often is the case, if it doesn't happen so smoothly, DO NOT RELENT.

There are numerous examples of other people out there like you and I, who tried and tried to achieve their goal.  They felt like giving up, because nothing was going their way.  Nothing seemed to be letting them know it would eventually happen.  But, they kept moving forward, stayed persistent, were extremely patient with themselves, and almost out of nowhere, one day it happened.  Imagine if they had quit right before making their breakthrough!

It's a new year, with unlimited possibilities for those that really want to go for it.  Take the first step!

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