Monday, February 9, 2015

Check Out Some WINning Inspirational Quotes

We just hit our tenth original inspirational quote, and would love your feedback!  Check for new quotes every week, by visiting our Quote page.

Sometimes the right words move us to do what we need to do.  Sometimes they help things click.  Sometimes, we can use the right sayings to embed a certain mentality in ourselves.  Whatever the reason, when you find that saying, or quote, HOLD ON TO IT, and use it as often as you need.

Here are all ten, with the most recent at the bottom. If you come across one that has any impact at all, please hold on to it, and repeat it to yourself as often as you like.  Enjoy!

"The truest freedom comes from the moment you realize that all you ever needed was your amazing mind."

"Stop existing, and start living."

"Sometimes we see more clearly after closing our eyes, and say something more meaningful after we stop talking."

"If you concentrate on the things in your life that bring you true happiness, more things that give you that feeling will find their way to you."

"Not trying leads to regret.  Failing leads to learning.  Persistence leads to achievement."

"The only people that are losers are those that didn't try. They lost out on opportunity. Those that gave it everything, but didn't hit their goals, are not losers either. They're learners. They learned what didn't work, and will eventually find what does through persistence, and win. Be a winner or a learner, but never a loser."

"People think that they aren't hustling hard enough if they aren't stressing hardcore in pursuit of what they want.  The road to your goal very well can be hard, but don't look at how much stress you're experiencing as the gauge.  Look at the amount of passion you feel during the whole process.  Stress will burn you out. Passion will give you unlimited fuel."

"Yearn for more.  Learn to do more.  Actually do it, and you will earn more."

"Whether you are being pushed or pulled, either way, make sure it is towards what you want most."

"The trick isn't finding the right formula.  It's finding the right mindset."

If you have a quote that has been extremely useful to you, please share it with us so others may benefit as well.  Be sure to include who the quote is from.

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  1. A great quote from Salvador Dali is "Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings."

  2. I've always like that one myself, and it is so true! Thanks for sharing!


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