Friday, February 20, 2015

Sometimes We Need a Push

There's no question: sometimes you just get so drained and tired from all that you are doing, that you feel like letting up.  You feel like giving in.  But, you could still be miles away from your goal. 

You might feel like you've been climbing this insane mountain, and when you look back down at the base camp, you've only moved a couple feet.  It can be frustrating, and daunting.  Actually, it makes you question whether or not you're doing the right thing.  Is it worth it?

I always suggest to people to look for something that motivates them; something that keeps them going.  Something that pulls them towards their goals, like a magnet.  Kind of like a crush you may have had on someone when you were younger.  You know, that feeling that you would do anything for someone just to notice you.

Being pulled towards your goal, in my opinion, has a much more lasting effect, and it is a more positive feeling.  A feeling that it is all worth it, that the prize is that much sweeter.  But, not everyone is the same.

Sometimes, especially when you haven't discovered what drives you yet, you do in fact need something to push you.  Something that even repels you away from the current circumstance you are trying to change.

If you have ever been in love, and lost it, maybe due to something you did wrong, or maybe just from not even appreciating it enough, then you know how much that stings.  Knowing that you could have done things different, or better, and you two would still be together.

Maybe you've had money in the past, and then lost it all due to mismanagement.  You realize how frustrating and scary that can be.  It really sucks feeling lost with what seems to be no solution in sight.

But, in both of those instances, there is something you can take away from each.  If you've lost love before, you learn from your mistakes and make sure to not do those in your new relationship.  If you've lost money before, then you look back and remember what not to do.

But the biggest force you can use to your advantage is remembering the feelings that occurred during those time periods.  I'm not suggesting you dwell on those feelings, because that won't help you.  But, if you just think back for a second or two on what happened, how it made you feel, and how you vowed to yourself to never let that happen again - Boom! You now have your motivating force.

Remember how you used to talk bad about that girlfriend you had, complaining about her to others behind her back?  I'm willing to bet that in your healthy new relationship you don't do that.

Remember how you used to be a bit egotistical with your money, and possibly being a bit stingy with it?  I can guarantee that this time around as you are building your fortune, you are much more giving.

If you haven't figured out what drives you yet, but know that your situation needs to change, use your frustration with the situation to repel you away from it.  Worrying does not help anything, but for some people, when they are down to the wire, their brain starts shooting ideas left and right with how to get out of whatever they are going through.

You have to find what works for you, and use it as your driving force.  The more powerful the feeling it generates, the more you will be able to use it to sustain you on your journey.

The worst things you can do are be stagnant and comfortable.  Remember, you are either progressing, or digressing, at any given moment.

Don't give up, don't worry about how far you still have to go - just focus on how awesome your tomorrow will be, how amazing your today is, and how you will always make things better than they were yesterday!

Photo Credit: coisas soltas

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  1. Totally agree! I definitely need little motivators. Consider this my "push" to you...I want to read more posts from you! :)


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