Tuesday, June 16, 2015

5 Reasons Why You Can't Lead By Pushing

We've all experienced, at some time or another, the type of boss who likes to bark orders, yell demands, and belittle people in front of others.  Some of these bosses truly believe they are helping, and just giving tough love.  Others know they are just being butt heads.

Despite those with a sincere best interest, it isn't hard to understand why this tactic to get more out of your employees doesn't work for the majority.  For one thing, the concept of a boss yelling hard at someone is nothing more than that employer abusing their position to instill fear in their subordinates. 

For years, in decades past, this worked.  Whether it was right then, and wrong now, or vice versa, is irrelevant.  It's irrelevant because the more we socially change, the more the dynamic in the workplace changes, the faster we are able to get things done - all of these things are factors that affect how people handle the office environment of our times. 

Work still needs to get done, that's a no brainer, and we want it to be done as efficiently as possible.  But, before we as leaders lose our self-control, or give in to a doo wop's era of managing, consider these reasons as to why we can't lead by pushing:

1) We Can't Push A Shoelace Through A Hole
Try it.  Imagine that your employees feel as unmotivated as a wrinkled shoelace.  Sure, you have to find the hole your trying to push the front part through, but it's the pulling from the lead of the shoelace that makes it happen.

2) We Hate Being Told What To Do
Basically, the golden rule of treating others the way you want to be treated.  Maybe YOU do in fact like being barked at, but if this strategy hasn't caused your employees to excel efficiently yet, try taking an unbiased look at the harm it might be causing.

3) We Create Animosity, Instead of Admiration

A real leader doesn't care that others may disagree with him or her; their job is to ensure things get done.  It's also their job to ensure that the spirit and life of the portion of the company they are managing, remains healthy and vibrant.  You can't accomplish that when you have negativity brewing from underneath your clutch.
Eventually, that disgruntled mumbling morphs into something bigger, and leads to one of three things, or all of them: productivity decreases drastically, people get fired or quit, and/or leadership becomes obsolete.

4) We Hold Ourselves Back

As an individual, we hold ourselves back by barking orders, and trying to push employees to do and see things our way, because it's so much easier to do that.  It's harder to still have to get your fingers dirty and do some grunt work in order to show you are right there with them.  

Leaders in the workplace are the generals of the office...how long do suppose generals of the past lasted when leading from the back?

5) We Can't Yell Louder Than Our Actions

We can dismiss all the other four reasons if we want to, but at the end of the day, this is really the only reason we need.  Actions will always ring louder than a whine or scream.  If you are on top, the boss, the leader, the manager - everyone is watching you.  
Some want to see you fail, others to pass judgement, but the majority of your employees want success.  They want to someday be where you are, or attain higher.  That shouldn't threaten you, that should remind you why it's important to be mindful of every action as it relates to our managing style and work ethic.
It ALWAYS comes full circle.  Lead by your own actions, and the satisfaction of knowing you are performing at the highest level possible might just be enough to spark an abundance of productivity from your employees.  

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