Sunday, October 4, 2015

Why Depending on YOU is Your Best Bet

It's been said that there are only two sure things in this life:  death, and taxes.  But, what if you took a much less grim perspective?  What if you knew for a fact, that whatever you tried to do, would be a success?  What if you knew without a single shred of doubt that you could rely on one thing that would never, ever, fail you?  Would you maximize on it, or squander it?

If you are spiritual by any means, then you know in your heart that you always have a greater being or force in your corner, which makes you know you will always be okay.  But, even if you are not spiritual, or a believer, one thing still rings true:  YOU are your best bet. 

Don't over think it; don't try to rationalize how many ways that you feel it isn't true.  You truly are your best bet, and here is why:  No job, no living situation, no friendship, no network connection, no anything is ever a definite thing.  Any one of these things can flip in a second.  You could lose your job tomorrow, the friend that always buys you lunch could end up broke, your business relationship with a partner could go sour, you could get kicked out of your house, and the list goes on infinitely. 

No, none of that makes you feel good even remotely thinking of it, but we all deep down know it's true.  Despite knowing it, though, so many people go through life slaving away at things they despise, trying to hold on to these things, in an act of dependency.  This false sense of security makes us feel like if any of these things falter, break, or disappear, we will be doomed.  But that just isn't true.

The greatest asset in the world that you will ever possess, is your mind.  Cliché? Of course.  But true, nonetheless.  Your resilience, your creativeness, your will, your ambition, your problem solving haven - it's all residing in your mind! 

You will always have one of two responses to everything that happens - it will either be negative or positive.  Off of whichever response you decide to give that circumstance, what you take from it will either keep you down, or lift you up.

You lost your job - great, now you can look into doing what you really want to do, or it frees you up to pursue other interests.  Or, simply find a way to make an income while you search for another. The alternative is wallowing in how much it sucks, thinking about how much you hate the person that fired you, or how the world is about to end.  Which of these responses do you think will benefit you most?

The best response is to look inward, and just focus on the lesson.  What is the take away of this circumstance?  Could I have actually worked harder, or smarter, or have been more present?  Could I have helped more people at work?  Was there a way I could have made myself more of an asset?  This isn't dwelling on the past - this is using the situation as feedback.  Feedback, that you can apply to the next job you get.

The same method applies to relationships.  You can dwell on how much he or she sucks, or, you can focus on what you will do differently in the next one.  YOU have more control over your life than you might think.  Even if you think it slightly, you might not truly believe it.  And you won't, until you honestly begin to rely on your best asset:  you, and that phenomenal mind of yours.

The reason for that is because how you think controls how you act.  How you act dictates your results, and your results are going to create your beliefs.  But, as you can see, it all starts with you.  If it all starts with you, then it also all ends with you. 

You don't need to depend on anyone else, like an overbearing boss, or any intangible false sense of security like a job you hate.  As long as you are alive, YOU are a force to be reckoned with.  You have as much possibility, awesomeness, and greatness as any other person on this entire planet.  That isn't to instill arrogance - far from it!  That is to point out how truly incredible we are as individuals, and that the greatest form of being thankful for who we are, is to live our lives as greatly as possible.

No one else has your eyes, your perspective, your same exact experiences up to this point.  So, no one else can make the best choices for you, that will affect your personal happiness, security, and prosperity.  Any decisions that you've made that have resulted in stress, anguish, or pain, is simply clutter to be used as feedback.  Keep it moving, and focus on the things that make YOU feel amazingly great in a positive way.

Once you start to realize that you are solely responsible for what you want in life, and start to believe it fully, and act on it, will you start to see just how unexplainably amazing you are.  How could you not bet on something like? :)

Lover of Family, Life, and Possibility. Creative Soul. "Stop Thinking You Can't, and Start Knowing You Can." Reach out to me, and let me know how I can help!


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