Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Why Didn't 2015 Happen For Me?
If you didn't make it happen in 2015, you have three choices: 

  1. be disgruntled and feel like a failure
  2. chalk it up to an "oh well" and try again in 2016
  3. do a hardcore review of why it didn't happen in 2015, plan ahead on how to avoid the same "whys" this coming year, and commit to a stronger reason for succeeding
Obviously, I would recommend you go with choice 3.  Allowing the negativity from choice 1 simply pushes you even further away from what you originally wanted to do, and being so apathetic (choice 2) to not care enough to reroute your plan is simply just irresponsible when it comes to your absolute joy and success in life.

Why can't you just start over, no one is even close to perfect, right?  Because, we are creatures of habit (that is probably the bazillionth time you have heard that phrase).  But, it's absolutely true.  If you were take a total inventory on just even the last three months of this year, you will find that there are some habits, or routines, that are pretty consistent in your life.  Have these been holding you back, keeping you in place, or propelling you forward?

I wear a suit pretty much all the time, for over 12 hours a day.  I have worn suits for over a decade, and since early on, without even realizing it, I have always hung up my suit once it's off.  I've done it so much, that I literally will be in the kitchen after getting home, and not remember at all that I have already changed.  Or, even when in the past it was a long night out with people, food, and drinks, I would wake up the next morning noticing that my suit was neatly on a hanger.  Just a habit.

It's similar to when you have driven, biked, or walked to the same place from your house so many times, that you literally leave your house and get to your destination without even realizing it.  The more you do something, the more it becomes ingrained in you, you become better at it, and it becomes more natural.  It's automatic.  It becomes habit.

If we truly analyzed ourselves, we probably have dozens if not hundreds of habits, from super minuscule ones, to huge ones.  Whatever they are, and however many there are, compiled up together they have led to the current point you are in now.  They have created your reality.  Don't believe me?  Try changing just even one habit, a simple one, like making your bed every morning before you brush your teeth, or even just rolling up your pairs of socks instead of throwing them into a sock bucket, for a whole month.  I guarantee you that you will be surprised on what other things get affected from just one change to one little habit.

Truly, our thoughts, which is what births our habits, are what determine our reality, but sometimes our old habits are sticking around even though we have new thoughts on wanting to do and be better, thus keeping our current reality.  Knowing that the habits we currently have in place are what bring about our current environment, try to think back on what thoughts, habits, and actions you honestly think might have held you back from accomplishing your goals in 2015. 

Because of the multitude of the goals that millions of people have placed for themselves, it's impossible to list them all here adequately, but below are a few very common goals that people tend to make year after year, and yet never attain them.  Underneath the goals, are several reasons that are commonly the cause of why these goals are never attained.  See if you have any of the listed reasons, which actually are maintained by our habits, possibly affecting your outcome.

Why We Didn't Lose Weight, or Become More Fit:
  1. The pantry and fridge are still stocked with foods that lead to weight gain
  2. No commitment to working out at least three times a week, consistently, for 52 weeks
  3. Not preparing our meals ahead of time for when we are not home
  4. Lack of self control during family gatherings, friend outings, or holidays
  5. Unrealistic expectations in too short amount of time
  6. The personal reason to be healthier was not strong enough to force a time for it
Why Love Wasn't Found, or Our Relationship is Still not Awesome:
  1. Not communicating enough, honestly, or adequately
  2. Choosing to spend time on the couch watching TV together while on the phone
  3. No quality one on one time, with no distractions
  4. No plan building, no sincere insight as to what the other wants out of life and the relationship
  5. Being in places that consistently have singles who are not of the caliber you truly want
  6. Not taking ownership of personal mistakes, wrongs, and short comings
Why Higher Income Wasn't Earned:
  1. Not enough time spent on self improvement
  2. Networking was placed second to hanging out
  3. After working 9-5, another 3 hours wasted on TV instead of hustling for more income
  4. Arriving to work late, and sneaking out early
  5. Being complacent with the position currently held in a company
  6. Underperforming instead of over-delivering
Anything we want, absolutely anything, is attainable - especially these three very common goals.  The trick is to replace the habits we have holding us back, with the opposite great habits that will move us forward:

Replace watching reruns of your favorite tv show with working out, or networking via phone, social media, text, or person to person.

Replace going for that cookie with grabbing an apple.  Or, instead of buying the cookies in the first place, buy a fruit salad.

Replace the habit of thinking you are always right, with truly trying to put yourself in your partner's shoes.

Replace complaining about how someone else is always getting the raise, the leads, or awesome projects with focusing solely on how you will over-deliver on what you are getting paid to do.

Replace reading gossip news with motivational material, or something of value in reference to your industry.

Replace negative comments and thoughts, with saying hello to everyone you make eye contact with - whether or not they respond back.

Replace rushing out of the house to a family function, with getting ready two hours earlier - giving you plenty of time to both leave your house in order, and plan a meal if they will be having food that isn't aligned with your health goals.

Replace thoughts of  "I wish I were skinnier" with "I'm going be healthy, fit, and feel great at 145lbs by the end of 2016".

Replace thoughts of  "I wish I had more money" with "I'm going to provide a ridiculously insane amount of value to my job, that by the end of 2016 I'll have earned an additional $20K in income".

Replace "I wish I could find true love" with "I'm going to become the absolute best me that I can be in 2016, and the type of person that naturally attracts the stellar and phenomenal relationship I know I deserve".

Any thought or habit that you know to be negative, that you know is not aligned with what you want your outcome to be - just reverse it, rename it, whatever you have to do to form it into a positive version and habit.  Start small.  Start now.  Your 2016 will be as awesome and as amazing as you choose to make it, so make it happen.

To an awesome new year, and to replacing our old worthless habits with new beneficial ones!

Lover of Family, Life, and Possibility. Creative Soul. "Stop Thinking You Can't, and Start Knowing You Can." Reach out to me, and let me know how I can help!


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