Friday, August 19, 2016

Be What You Want To Experience

Three reasons most people don't trust anymore is because they've experienced too much of one of the following:

- Broken Promises
- Dealing with Non-Dependable People
- Their Kindness Was Taken Advantage Of

The common denominator about all of that is that EVERYONE has dealt with that before on some level. Meaning, it's not exclusive. You, I, whomever - we aren't the only ones.

But, the majority of people let it ruin their perception of how every new person will be. On one end, you can't blame it, especially since we rationally learn from our experiences, and if we've had bad ones, we will naturally be conditioned to think that people suck.

The problem, though, is when we take this stance, we unknowingly slam shut a door of good that otherwise would be coming our way. How so?

Bad things happen to all of us, but so do random good things. Maybe just not the particular things we want at that moment. For example, you're a good person, and your last three boyfriends lied to you, and all you feel like doing is being sad right now, but the sun keeps displaying itself for you anyways.  You can't control what another person does, no more than you can control that consistent sun of ours coming out.

Sounds pretty basic, but really think about that. The constant good you have, despite whatever bad run ins have occurred with others.

Taking that into consideration, you realize the only thing you can absolutely control is you; how you think, act, respond, and what you put out there. If you disrespect someone, or come at them angrily, or moody, how do you suppose they will respond? You'd almost secure an unpleasant interaction that way.

Securing these cold, or even silent, desolate moments is the opposite of what we all want at our core - to be happy.  You aren't going to receive a true ounce of it if you shut this door, because although you might think that you are protecting yourself from being hurt again, you are actually preventing the emotional and psychological good that automatically comes with connecting and helping someone else.

Don't misconstrue what I'm saying to mean you need to be a punching bag for someone. Far from that. But, what I am suggesting is that you not deprive yourself of opportunity.

If you allow each new person the benefit of the doubt, despite your past experiences, you at least provide an opportunity for that person to show you some good.

Even further than that, what about the good YOU could do for someone, just by not closing them off.  How do you know your experiences (whether positive or negative) can't help someone with what they are going through? What if the other person then does the same for the next person they encounter? Do you know how good and grateful it actually makes you feel to have that kind of an impact?

The bad that exists in the world isn't going to change by us hoping people stop being liars, cheaters, abusers, or wretched. All we can do is be what we want to experience out there, on an individual, and internal, basis.

You've heard it before: be the good you want to see in the world. It might be one of the simplest truths, but it's not only practical, it's extremely rewarding to the person you've been protecting the most anyways - you.

Lover of Family, Life, and Possibility. Creative Soul. "Stop Thinking You Can't, and Start Knowing You Can." Reach out to me, and let me know how I can help!

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