Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Three Things You Only Get Once

Three things we will never get back in our current system of things:

1) Our youth
2) A second chance at a missed   opportunity
3) Today

So the questions become:

1) Are we taking advantage of our young age now while we have it, to set us up for how we want to be and live in the future?

It gets a lot harder the older you get, especially once you have a family, mortgage, higher taxes, etc. People in these circumstances who are already older and started late, are making their lives exactly what they want, because they know it isn't over till they stop breathing.  If you're still young, do what the majority of the others are not doing, and go hard now and coast in real freedom later.

2) Opportunity is always knocking, but each knock is a different chance at something.  Are you jumping for the opportunities that you want, even though they might scare you?  Regret is such a big pill to swallow, go for it if your gut is telling you this is good for you.

The word hate is such a strong word, but if there is anything I would recommend you to hate, it would be giving in to our fears and laziness.

3) Today has the same exact 24 hrs that yesterday did - are you going to do the same things that drain you? Or, if you haven't yet, will you start doing things that make you come alive, make you thrive, make you grow, and keep you vibrant?

Our excuses only work to trick and jip us out of what is completely within our reach.  Deep down inside, I think we all know it, we just like to hush and dismiss it.  It's easier that way. You wouldn't imagine, day dream, or think of these things if they actually weren't possible for you to achieve.
I love this quote by Jim Rohn, and I've been trying to hammer it gently into my girls'
brains this past week: "Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better." How empowering is that?

Think about that, and think about what you can do different today, right now, that would add positive energy to your life, instead of burying you further in the negative.

This life is unique, singular, and our own. It's only going to be as amazing and as rewarding as we make it to be.

Lover of Family, Life, and Possibility. Creative Soul. "Stop Thinking You Can't, and Start Knowing You Can." Reach out to me, and let me know how I can help!

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