Thursday, August 25, 2016

Be Her Best Example

Today isn't mother's day. There is no international women's day event going on today either, that I know of. But, I'm totally celebrating the uncanny responsibility and job it takes to be a mother.  Not just mothers - but a mother to girls.

Any parent who does their absolute best to raise their children, male or female, deserves recognition for what it takes. The trials, the errors, the celebrations, the heartbreaks - all of it and more comes with being a parent.  And though mothers of boys, fathers of girls, parents of both, and parents who play both roles know what I'm talking about, I really want to focus on mommas of girls today.

I woke up today after ending our little mini-vacation and just thought about how good it always feels to get away from everything and just BE with your family. Truly enjoying the moments with them.

I remember being amazed at how big my four girls have gotten, as they climbed the rocks.  "I have awesome little ladies", I thought to myself.  And as I squeezed my wife's had, being the proud daddy I am, I looked over at her and thought - "It's so your fault."

Any husband is bias and any father is bias, I get it, you can hold against me, it's fine.  But it's true. My wife has been an incredible mother to our children.  I'm not short changing my role as their dad, but the fact is this: she has set the example and has laid the groundwork for what a woman should be in their eyes.

They are not all going to turn out like Liz, I'm not naive, they all have very different personalities just among themselves. And I love that.  I love how each one of my girls is their own person. But, what my wife has done since the beginning, is let them see how you can be a good woman in a world that is often filled with bad things.

Her demeanor has taught them patience, her speak has taught them manners and class, her dress has taught them modesty, her happiness has taught them gratitude, her good will has taught them compassion, and her listening has taught them empathy. Her grace and heart have taught them what God's security and love feel like.

She's shown them that she's never had to lower herself or standards to rise above something. Her actions, always being watched by my babies since they were little, has shown them what respecting yourself means. My wife has shown them that the quality of woman's worth doesn't reside with how pretty she is, or what she physically can do, but rather that your worth is the very value that you decide to place on yourself - and the world will see it.

She has shown them that the most important thing as a woman is to be comfortable in your own skin, love being alive and being a girl, enjoy the process of getting to know who you are, what you love and stand for. She's shown them that a beautiful balance exists between two people who are in love, to the point where our three oldest have told us that they hope to have what we have when they are older.

All of this is so important to me as a father, because what more do you want for your kids than for them to be happy, loved, healthy, and successful at what they do?  And the groundwork, the base, the seeds if you will, have all started with how my wife has just been herself and the best mother and wife she can be.

If you're a parent of any sort - THANK YOU. Thank you for raising your child with values that will help our society be a better place.  But if you are a momma raising her girls to completely value themselves through your stellar example of being an amazing woman, then thank you just isn't enough to express what that personally means to me as a father of daughters.

So, to my wife then, with all that you do and the magical ways you do them, thank you for being you, and for teaching my little girls to love being them.

Lover of Family, Life, and Possibility. Creative Soul. "Stop Thinking You Can't, and Start Knowing You Can." Reach out to me, and let me know how I can help!


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