"The truest freedom comes from the moment you realize that all you ever needed was your amazing mind."

"Stop existing, and start living."

"Sometimes we see more clearly after closing our eyes, and say something more meaningful after we stop talking."

"If you concentrate on the things in your life that bring you true happiness, more things that give you that feeling will find their way to you."

"Not trying leads to regret.  Failing leads to learning.  Persistence leads to achievement."

"The only people that are losers are those that didn't try. They lost out on opportunity. Those that gave it everything, but didn't hit their goals, are not losers either. They're learners. They learned what didn't work, and will eventually find what does through persistence, and win. Be a winner or a learner, but never a loser."

"People think that they aren't hustling hard enough if they aren't stressing hardcore in pursuit of what they want.  The road to your goal very well can be hard, but don't look at how much stress you're experiencing as the gauge.  Look at the amount of passion you feel during the whole process.  Stress will burn you out. Passion will give you unlimited fuel."

"Yearn for more.  Learn to do more.  Actually do it, and you will earn more."

"Whether you are being pushed or pulled, either way, make sure it is towards what you want most."

"The trick isn't finding the right formula.  It's finding the right mindset."

"Everything we do is either helping us grow or helping us die.  Our associations, what we are thinking about, how we spend our time - EVERYTHING - is helping us progress, or digress.  Thankfully, we are blessed with the power of choice.  What are you choosing to do at any given instance?"

"Dreaming gets you to the window, but working gets you to soar!"

"You KNOW your truth.  We might try to shy away from it sometimes, usually out of fear of what others might think, but we know who we are.  Don't be scared of it.  Embrace the awesome person that wants to come out and thrive, not just survive."

"Self-belief, and self-discipline...two of the things that most people struggle with, yet are quick to dismiss as the factors that either hinder, or improve, their results."

"Change the belief you have about yourself, and you change your habits.  Change your habits, and you change your results.  Change your results, and you change your life."

"Things will get hard from time to time, and it will seem like it is taking forever for a solution to come around.  Don't lose hope, faith, or perspective - keep pushing forward for an answer, and it will come about out of nowhere to your relief and surprise."

"We can't yell louder than our actions."

"Be hungry enough that you're never quite satisfied, as a means to constantly be better.  But, be full enough to realize, be thankful for, and enjoy, everything in your life that makes the hunger worthwhile."

"I value everything I've learned from my past that has made me truly appreciate my life right now, which in effect, makes me extremely confident and ecstatic about my future."

"Some people just go through the motions and do what's expected of them, while others eke by doing lack luster work.  Be exceptional: over-deliver in everything, while the world underperforms."

"Problems exist.  But, so do solutions.  Be one of the people that finds the latter."


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